Debunking 4 Myths About Wireless Charging In Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles became real game-changers when they were first introduced in the automotive industry. However, the concept of wireless charging is revolutionizing electric mobility's future, which may be happening sooner than you may think. This post will debunk four myths about wireless vehicle charging in electric cars and some facts worth knowing. Myth 1: Wireless Charging Offers Inadequate Charging This myth is entirely false. For example, gasoline-powered vehicles force you to stop at the nearest filling station to refuel anytime you run out of gas. [Read More]

4 Managed IT Issues All Accounting Firms Should Care About

Few industries are as heavily computerized as accounting work now is. Unsurprisingly, a lot of folks turn to managed IT services for accounting firms to keep their systems working properly. Before looking into these options, it's a good idea as a client to understand some of the basic IT services for accounting firms. Let's take a look at four widely used services in the accounting world. Software Most accounting offices need to utilize a full stack of software, usually something provided by Intuit and a couple of applications from Microsoft. [Read More]

Two Things That Can Go Wrong When You Replace Your Car Battery

Car batteries work hard to power your vehicle's electrical systems, but even these workhorses burn out after a while. Though it's relatively easy to replace a car battery, here are two problems that may occur when you do the changeover and how you can fix them. Loss of Car Settings Newer vehicles are basically computers on wheels, run by an electronic system that seamlessly coordinates all its systems. While this increases efficiency and lets drivers enjoy some tech perks—such as connecting to your phone via Bluetooth—the system suffers from the same weakness as any other electronic device; disconnecting it from electricity can knock out all its settings. [Read More]

How Your Car's Computer Hub Helps Reduce the Automotive Industry's Environmental Impact

Your car runs on many different computers, called Electronic Control Units (ECUs) all hooked together by a singular Controller Area Network (CAN) hub. This hub coordinates the intake and flow of electronic information within your car ranging from the GPS system to the windows. This hub is important not only for your car but also for the rest of the planet. 1. Pollution Control The reasons that CANs were introduced in the first place was because of public health and safety attempts to control vehicle emissions. [Read More]