3 Golf Cart Audio Accessories For Quick Access

Audio in a golf cart can provide a lot of entertainment and fun ways to enjoy the course. While you can set up an impressive golf cart audio system, you also will want quick ways to adjust the system and shut off the music. You may need to focus on a shot, communicate with other players, or drive by a quiet zone.

Check out three golf cart audio products that allow you to quickly turn audio on and off in the cart. The accessories will enhance your cart and are often easy to install.

1. Triple Switch Panel 

Flip the audio on and off with the flip of a button. A triple switch panel includes three different switches that you can push on and off similar to a light switch. Assign each switch to a separate part of the golf cart. For example, one switch can connect directly to speakers. Instead of powering down the whole radio, you could flip a switch to shut the speakers off for a moment.

Connect another switch to the radio itself and power down the whole thing. Use the third switch for audio add-on options like a CD player. As you drive the golf cart, the switches are easy to press and you can still keep your eyes on the golf course or track.

2. Bluetooth Dashboard Connection

Turn a golf cart audio system into a Bluetooth connection with an add-on product. The Bluetooth dashboard allows you to connect your phone to the cart's speakers. With the wireless connection, you do not need to sit inside the golf cart to make any changes. You can pause music, change tracks, and adjust the volume right from your phone.

The quick settings will help you save time and shut off music when needed. After your initial connection, your phone should automatically connect to the Bluetooth system every time you start up the golf cart.

3. Voice-Activated Devices

You could also control audio settings with your voice. Purchase USB connectors for your golf cart and rely on voice-activated devices to control the music and volume levels. Simple commands allow you to shut off the audio quickly and still enjoy the music anytime you would like.

The voice devices can connect to phones, use built-in music, or connect to the internet to stream music. Set up the voice-activated devices however you wish and then control the music and external audio with ease.

Shop around to find a wide range of golf cart audio supplies that can completely transform your golf experience for the better.