Seven Things The Receiver For Your Home Theatre Should Be Able To Do

Your receiver is an essential component of your home theater system. As such, you need to pick a receiver model that offers all the capabilities you need and want for the highest-quality home theater experience. 

The following are seven things the receiver for your home theater should be able to do. 

Have audiovisual capabilities

You need to understand the difference between a stereo receiver and an AV receiver. A stereo receiver will only work for playing music. If you want a receiver you can use for both your stereo and television, you need to make sure you purchase a receiver that is specifically labeled as an audiovisual receiver. 

Connect properly to all of your devices

Chances are that you're going to have quite a few different types of device you'll want to hook up to your receiver. You might want to be able to play vinyl and stream music via WiFi in addition to hooking up your television. 

This means that you need to pay attention to all the input jacks on your receiver. Make sure that you choose a model that's able to handle all the different technologies you're throwing at it. 

Offer capabilities for 4K video switching

As time goes on, 4K technology is gradually becoming the standard in home theaters. It's best to invest in 4K video switching capabilities in your receiver so that you can keep up with the times. 

4K video switching capabilities mean that you'll be able to view video from any source with 4K. This would include not only your regular television programming but also DVDs and streaming services like Apple TV. 

Be equipped for 3 HDR formats

It's important to anticipate upcoming technology changes. You should try to get a receiver that is capable of handling all 3 HDR formats. These include HLG, DV, and HDR10 formats. 

Handle an adequate number of channels

Your home theater system should include a distinct channel for every one of the speakers your system includes. This will allow you to achieve surround sound with the audio capabilities of your receiver and speaker system. 

Handle devices in multiple rooms

A good receiver is capable of multi-tasking. This means that receivers can run a home theater in one room while also playing music or streaming videos in other rooms of the home. It's best to invest in a multi-room receiver to get greater functionality from the device you choose. 

Have a surround sound feature such as DTS:X

If you want your home theater system to be capable of immersive, "3D-like" sound, you need to invest in a receiver that offers an audio feature like DTS:X.

This is a new surround sound technology that enhances the capabilities of home theaters and allows for sound that's as close as possible to that of an actual movie theater.